Shader Forge 1.23 is now released! (+1.24 hotfix)

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Neat Corp / Admin

PostFri Oct 30, 2015 8:06 pm

• Hiding scale & offset of Texture2D nodes has now been replaced with being able to disable scale & offset altogether
• Added two new experimental options, both useful to disable shadow passes in shaders:
- Force no custom shadow pass. (If your shader is alpha clipped or vertex offset, it will write a custom shadow pass)
- Force no fallback. (If a fallback has shadows, so will your shader. This can help avoid that problem)
• Fixed a bug where some PBR shaders didn't compile
• Fixed a bug where the offset line wasn't added to the shader if one of the two values were set to zero
• Fixed a bug where the fallback picker would cause errors after the first time you use it

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