Holographic Shader "Tutorial"

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PostMon Jan 29, 2018 12:59 pm

I was asked to try recreate a hologram shader.
The shader was masked by a light, and it had some noise and scanlines to make it looks like a hologram. Those were the things I wanted to recreate. The shader also had some options for glitchy geometry based on the scanlines, but I didn't want that for this example so I left that out.

The shader in question:

Video tutorial of my take on the shader:


Shader download link:

Important things to note with my shader:
Set the object with the shader applied to a new layer or something like 'TransparentFX', and unhook that layer from any other lightsource's culling mask in your scene. Otherwise these lights will see the shader and light it up.

The shader can be made in Amplify if you also want to do that. It's as easy as making the same nodes connected to the same places.
The only difference is the dithering. That has to be done with a dither node within Amplify, but otherwise its practically the same.

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