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Shader Forge

Shader Forge is aiming to push the visual quality of Unity to new heights, giving you the freedom of shader creation in a visual and intuitive way - with no code required!
  • Real-time shader preview for tight iteration times
  • Visual & intuitive interface
  • Energy conserving physically based lighting, Blinn-Phong or Phong
  • Image based lighting; perfect together with Marmoset Skyshop
  • Vertex animation
  • DX11 Tessellation & Displacement
  • Unity Free and Pro
  • No extra files - just the .shader file itself
  • Extensive node documentation, with tutorials coming soon
  • 12 example shaders included, that you can open, edit, and use freely
  • Custom lighting support, if you want to get creative or technical
  • Outline width and color
  • ...and much more not listed here!

The node tree below was made by IFL over at the Unity forums. The result of the shader can be seen underneath it!
Check it out on the

A few examples of games using Shader Forge

Shelter 2 (Might and Delight)

Ghost of a Tale

Dixieland Fitzpatrick

Created in 24 hours - awarded first prize and best sound at the DreamHackathon 2014!

Made together with Jonas Kjellberg and Marko Permanto. You guys are amazing!
Go fullscreen, turn up the sound, and watch through your Oculus DK2:


The only way to survive is to stay in flow.

Flowstorm is at its core a racing game that has taken a lot of inspiration from the old Thrust-clone genre, where you control a triangular rocket by accelerating, rotating and shooting. The game is very easy to learn, but just as hard to really master, and this fresh take on the genre comes with a whole range of new features!

In addition, Flowstorm features a level editor that allows you to create and play community made levels!

Play it online right now over at
If you want access to the full standalone version, along with the level editor in the footage below, try dropping us an e-mail.


We have also had the pleasure to work with


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