Driven to push the forefronts of immersive software, Neat Corporation was founded in 2013 by a couple of rebellious gamedevs wanting to try something new. The studio solidified itself as a pioneer of VR with its Budget Cuts demo in 2016. Neat Corporation continues to push the boundaries in our industry by challenging the status quo of workplace culture in tech, providing a flexible work environment, prioritizing our team's health and mental wellbeing, and supporting equity for gamedev minorities.

Our focus is on creating smaller well polished games

We find joy in creating games together

We think it is important to have control over your work as a developer


6 Hour Work Day

WHAT!? Yes, full time at Neat means your work days are 6 hours instead of the usual 8. This means 6 hours of focused work, requiring good planning and some self discipline if you are not used to it. The 2 extra hours are for health, development, rest, friends, fun or whatever you know you need.

Flex Hours

We do not typically crunch, but we know that some employees prefer being able to work more when in flow. This is perfectly acceptable, but you must keep track of your hours and take an equivalent number of hours off when it suits you and the team.

Health is #1

At Neat Corporation we believe that your health and well-being are very important, and that mental health is just as important as physical health. We encourage everyone to consider sick days applicable for both physical illnesses but also for when you find yourself in a difficult or strenuous mental space, such as when you are feeling unusually anxious or stressed.


At Neat Corporation every employee has access to corporate health benefits such as annual checkups, flu shots, and more.

We also provide all employees with a health stipendium known as Friskvårdsbidrag in order to support a healthy lifestyle.