Marko Permanto

Game Designer

A game designer at heart, a programmer by necessity, needs coffee and inflatable bouncy castles to stay afloat.

Linnea Östedt Harrison

Destroyer of Worlds

The personification of rainbows, Linnea lives to make unforgetable experiences. A designer and artist by trade, she spends her free time wondering if we are alone in the universe.

Jenny Nordenborg

CEO & Business

Co-founder of Neat Corp with a clear vision for what she want the company to be; a growing ground for passionate oddballs, delivering tech and games that add joy to peoples lives.

Olle Axelsson

Environmental Illusionist

Head in the clouds and feet on the ground. Designer that draws inspiration from history, philosophy and cheap beer. Craves a daily dosage of metal as black as his coffee.

Filip "Flippy" Tengwall

Beanie Enthusiast

The wholesome soul of Neat Corp, Flippy has a talent for dancing his way into any party. When he isn't busy making our games look good, he spends his free time mashing buttons and bringing people together.

(free melee)

Christoffer Svenningsson

Art Farmer

Born to be a potato farmer in the rural southern parts of Sweden, young Christoffer instead chose to play Faxandu on his NES for days on end and ended up falling in love with all aspects of art in video games.

Leo Sundholm

Probably Human

Dreams of being a bike messenger, but ended up a game developer due to unfortunate events. Will eat your food and beat you in Street Fighter.

Erik Johansson

Gameplay Programmer

Erik lives to make games fun, engaging and meaningful for the players. A beacon of reason in a studio full of chaos, fuelled by good music and boardgames.

Patrik Robertsson


Patrik has been making art his whole life and enjoys the collaborative aspects of game development, working with tech and art to create something truly special. He is a big fan of everything videogames, be it building, discussing or playing them! ... And loves painting tiny plastic soldiers!

Emma Ströberg Fedasyuk 

Team Guru

With an eye for the finer points in game development, Emma makes sure our fonts all match, our backlogs are stocked, and that our schedules actually include time to breathe.